Tyvek®-PE fleece by DuPont™

Tyvek®-PE fleece by DuPont™

A light textile packaging material for art transportation, archiving or storage. Tyvek®, a paper-like fibrous fleece is a very useful alternative conservation material to the previously common packaging types used when transporting and storing paintings and other types of artworks.

A whole range of positive material properties make this fleece a high-quality packaging material which can simultaneously serve as long-term storage packaging, as it has no ill effects on the art and is ph-neutral. Through its surface makeup, it replaces traditional silk paper in many instances and additionally functions as a protective film, thanks to its great stability. It is equally suitable for the temporary storage of paper and graphic art.

The most important properties at a glance:

  • tear resistant
  • dust-tight
  • pliable
  • sewable
  • breathable
  • abrasion resistant
  • ph-neutral

What is Tyvek®?

Tyvek® is a spun fleece made entirely of polyethylene fibres. The film is made by weaving unfrayable braid made of finely spun fibres which are then joined together using heat and pressure (without the addition of stuffing or binding). The result is a luminous white fleece film which is decidedly lighter than conventional materials of similar strength, with a high chemical resistance and robustness. Depending on its strength, its appearance is similar to a textile or Japanese paper.

> Detailed information about Tyvek as a pdf to download and print <

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