3M™ PROPORE protects works of art

3M™ PROPORE protects works of art

The surface structure of 3M™ PROPORE was developed for direct contact with delicate surfaces. PROPORE is suitable for use as transport packaging because of its permeability, so that the packing condition does not damage the artwork. The fact that PROPORE is tear resistant, pliable, breathable and chemically neutral makes it a popular packaging material.

The most important properties at a glance:

  • breathable
  • absolutely waterproof
  • dust-tight
  • pliable
  • abrasion resistant
  • ph-neutral
  • tear-proof

What is PROPORE?

PROPORE® is a fibrous fleece made of microporous polypropylene which is very breathable (10 Liters/m² in 24 h) and simultaneously absolutely waterproof. With the special membrane of PROPORE, humidity, which can occur inside a packaging, will be kept away from the artwork. At the same time, this pore structure stops potential outside influences from penetrating such as dust, grease etc. PROPORE’s membrane can be imagined as a film which is laminated (glued on through the use of heat) onto the supporting material. Membranes are of a higher quality than coatings, as they are more abrasion resistant and thus more durable. The material is impervious to water drops, but does allow steam to pass from the inside to the outside. This is generally described as breathable – the correct formulation is steam-permeable.

> Detailed information about Propore as a pdf to download and print <

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