We have always worked in an environmentally friendly way – Now we do it systematically.

We have always worked in an environmentally friendly way – Now we do it systematically.

Sustainable business operations are one of our primary company objectives. We review each of our work processes to determine its effects on people and the environment. All of our ART HANDLING Spedition employees are involved in protecting the environment and are fully committed and creative in doing so.

Thanks to this commitment, we have already achieved a number of gratifying successes in different parts of our organization:

  • We no longer use any tropical wood at all for our transport crates.
  • When we buy new vehicles, we ensure that they are equipped with the latest environmental protection technology. This technology, combined with the conscious, ecologically-friendly way of driving of our employees, helps to reduce fuel consumption and emissions
  • Carefully planned travel routes steadily improve our environmental balance.
  • We select our suppliers also considering their environmental protection activities.
  • We have converted all of our office supplies and office equipment to ecologically friendly products.
  • Our new digital office organization helps to significantly reduce paper consumption.
  • Precise material purchasing processes result in very low leftover material quantities in our carpenter shop. Some of this leftover material can be returned to suppliers and further processed in an environmentally friendly way.

These kinds of achievements inspire us to continuously improve our environmental protection commitment by setting new objectives – year by year.

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